[Solaris on Intel - x86 FAQ] Solaris Software Packages for Intel/x86 and SPARC

Solaris Packages

The best sites for "free" Solaris Software are:


Steven Christensen's Solaris Freeware Page. Pointers to LOTS of Intel/x86 and SPARC pre-packaged GNU and other open-source software. To use, download from the web or use apt-get.

BlastWave.ORG and OpenCSW.ORG

These two sites both provide community-built packages for Solaris x86.

Selected Solaris binaries conveniently packaged in pkgadd format at the University of North Carolina (formerly Sunsite).

Phil Brown's Sound, USB, and other useful Solaris drivers.

For more sites with free Solaris Software, see question 3.1 in my Solaris on Intel - x86 FAQ

Many of these packages are also available as "contributed" Linux packages for RedHat and other distributions.

Dan's Solaris Packages

The following Solaris and OpenSolaris packages have been built by me, in pkgadd format, mainly because they are not available elsewhere in Solaris binary form (at least for a recent version). For OpenSolaris, use version "5.11," when available. For Solaris 10, use version "5.10" or earlier. See the disclaimer below, especially if you are common-sense-challenged :-). To download and install, see instructions below.

alpine package

Alpine, a screen-oriented IMAP E-mail client (uses text-based curses instead of a graphical GUI). Compiled with SSL and LDAP support. It replaces the older Pine email software. See

Intel:   06 Dec 2008   (590 bytes)
Intel:   04 Jan 2008   (6032485 bytes)
SPARC:   07 Jan 2008   (6775105 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Dec 2008   (6978222 bytes)
Source: DRYDOGalpine-2.00.src.tar.gz:   05 Dec 2008   (6614755 bytes)
Source: DRYDOGalpine-1.00.src.tar.gz:   04 Jan 2008   (6176433 bytes)

bvi package

Binary file editor, using vi commands. Converts GIF format graphic files to PNG format. By Gerhard Bürgmann. See

Intel:   09 Sep 2005   (103014 bytes)
SPARC:   09 Sep 2005   (104725 bytes)
Source: DRYDOGbvi-1.3.2.src.tar.gz:   09 Sep 2005   (172412 bytes)

fortune-off package

Print a random, hopefully interesting, adage.
Warning: The fortune -o ("offensive") option is enabled. To disable, copy /opt/fortune/lib/fortunes-o.fake to /opt/fortune/lib/fortunes-o

Intel:   05 Nov 1999   (346308 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Nov 1999   (350377 bytes)
Source: fortune-off.5.2.src.tar.gz:   25 Jun 1999   (408859 bytes)

gif2png package

Converts GIF format graphic files to PNG format. By Eric S. Raymond. See

Intel:   29 Sep 2005   (28116 bytes)
SPARC:   29 Sep 2005   (28013 bytes)
Source: DRYDOGgif2png-2.5.1.src.tar.gz:   29 Sep 2005   (108268 bytes)

gzip package

GNU zip and unzip file compression (binary executible only). See sites listed above for the full package or source.

Note: Only needed for Solaris 7 and earlier. Solaris 8 and later comes with gzip already installed.

Intel: gzip-1.2.4-i86pc-solaris5.4:   18 May 1996   (81920 bytes)
SPARC: gzip-1.2.4-sun4u-solaris5.4:   18 May 1996   (92160 bytes)

jwhois package

Jonas Öberg and Peter Karlssos's jwhois is an extensible whois client that automatically queries the correct whois server, based on the TLD (e.g., .com). It's greatly-improved version over the stock whois client offered in Solaris. RFCs 954 (whois) and 2167 (referral whois) are supported by jwhois. Also IPv6-aware. See

Intel:   05 Dec 2008   (69175 bytes)
Intel:   05 Dec 2008   (69404 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Dec 2008   (73514 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Dec 2008   (73898 bytes)
Source: jwhois-3.2.3.src.tar.gz:   05 Dec 2008   (432833 bytes)

knews package

X-Windows Threaded USENET newsreader (it's not kde--their newsreader is knode) Supports URLs, inline images, MIME types, multipart articles, mailcap viewers, attachments, background threading, kill file, regular expression search, fonts/coloring, tagging, and uudecode. By Karl-Johan Johnsson. See knews was written by Karl-Johan Johnsson.

Update 8/2002: D. J. Hawkey has some patches for knews, not incorporated here yet, at For details, see

Intel:   04 May 2001   (239741 bytes)
SPRC:   04 May 2001   (248677 bytes)
Source: knews-1.0b.1.src.tar.gz:   04 May 2001   (1976084 bytes)

lynx package

ISC's lynx, a screen-oriented web browser. These packages have SSL and IPv6 enabled (uses text-based curses instead of a graphical GUI). See

Intel:   20 Nov 2008   (1229913 bytes)
Intel:   20 Nov 2008   (665114 bytes)
SPARC:   20 Nov 2008   (1263492 bytes)
SPARC:   20 Nov 2008   (1278635 bytes)
Source: lynx-2.8.6.src.tar.gz:   05 Dec 2008   (3195365 bytes)

ncftp package

Mike Gleason's ncftp, a screen-oriented FTP (file transfer) client (uses text-based curses instead of a graphical GUI). This version was built with a source patch from KAME to enable IPv6. See

Intel:   21 Nov 2008   (493283 bytes)
Intel:   21 Nov 2008   (507443 bytes)
SPARC:   21 Nov 2008   (498215 bytes)
SPARC:   21 Nov 2008   (512740 bytes)
Source: ncftp-3.2.2-src.tar.gz:   24 Nov 2008   (540436 bytes)
Nov 2008

ntp package

David Mills' NTP (Network Time Protocol) software. This version has IPv6 enabled and NTP 4 features not in the out-of-the-box Solaris 10 or OpenSolaris versions. See

Intel:   30 Jan 2009   (2098011 bytes)
Intel:   30 Jan 2009   (2065723 bytes)
SPARC:   30 Jan 2009   (2179773 bytes)
SPARC:   30 Jan 2009   (2056380 bytes)
Source: ntp-4.2.4p5.src.tar.gz:   05 Dec 2008   (3459386 bytes)

nslint package

nslint is a lint-like program that checks DNS files for errors. DNS or Domain Name System generally maps names to IP addresses and e-mail addresses in a hierarchical fashion. BIND comes with a simpler script, named-checkzone, that does a subset of the checks done by nslint.

Errors detected include missing trailing dots, illegal characters (RFC 1034), A records without matching PTR records and vice-versa, duplicat names in a subnet, duplicate names for an address, names with cname records (RFC 1033) missing quotes, and unknown keywords.

From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Network Research Group, Berkeley, California, USA. See and

Intel:   04 Apr 2001   (20247 bytes)
SPARC:   04 Apr 2001   (20366 bytes)
Source: nslint-2.0.2.src.tar.gz:   04 Apr 2001   (121306 bytes)

pine package

Pine has been replaced with Alpine, above.

swhoisd package

Swhoisd, Simple WHOIS Daemon, provides the standard Internet whois directory service It is much simpler to setup and administrator than the other whois daemons available, such as RIPE whois or the original SRC whois. This is because it uses a flat-text file over a complex database. This whois server is recommended only for small databases (preferably under 100 records and no more than 1000).

This daemon conforms to RFC 834 and uses TCP port 43 (service "whois").

Install this if you know what a whois daemon is and want to set one up.


Intel: ../swhoisd/   04 Jul 2001   (36065 bytes)
SPARC: ../swhoisd/   04 Jul 2001   (33794 bytes)
Source: ../swhoisd/swhoisd-3.0.4.tar.gz:   09 Oct 2001   (211484 bytes)

tin package

tin, a screen-oriented USENET NNTP newsreader client (uses text-based curses instead of a graphical GUI). These packages have IPv6 enabled. Tin requires package SUNWicu (Unicode support). See

Intel:   21 Nov 2008   (626873 bytes)
Intel:   21 Nov 2008   (634386 bytes)
SPARC:   21 Nov 2008   (654858 bytes)
SPARC:   21 Nov 2008   (654111 bytes)
Source: tin-1.8.3.src.tar.gz:   05 Dec 2008   (1982195 bytes)

xearth package

Display a shaded image of the Earth in the root X window. By Kirk Lauritz Johnson. See also xplanet (below, which I prefer). See

Intel:   22 May 2001   (121181 bytes)
SPARC:   22 May 2001   (128689 bytes)
Source: xearth-1.1.src.tar.gz:   08 Oct 2001   (297490 bytes)

xfishtank package

Display interesting fish swimming in the background in X windows. Works only in 8-bit (256 color) graphic mode. Doesn't work with GNOME or KDE.

Intel:   05 Nov 1999   (81328 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Nov 1999   (82061 bytes)
Source: xfishtank-2.2.1.src.tar.gz:   02 Feb 1999   (184255 bytes)

xplanet package

Display a shaded image of the Earth in the root X window. By Hari Nair. Better than xearth (above). See (the FAQ has KDE and GNOME 2 configuration information; in the examples change gconftool to gconftool-2).

Intel:   30 Sep 2005   (1064782 bytes)
SPARC:   30 Sep 2005   (1074224 bytes)
Source: DRYDOGxplanet-1.2.0.src.tar.gz:   30 Sep 2005   (1198037 bytes)

xroach package

Display disgusting cockroaches under your X windows. Y2K compliant (yes, I actually got an email asking me to certify that :-). Doesn't work with GNOME or KDE.

Intel:   05 Nov 1999   (14163 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Nov 1999   (18908 bytes)
Source: xroach-4.0.src.tar.gz:   28 Jan 1999   (15354 bytes)

xsnow package

The Xsnow toy provides a continual gentle snowfall, trees, and Santa Claus flying his sleigh around the screen on the root X window. By Rick Jansen. Doesn't work with GNOME or KDE. See

Intel:   04 May 2000   (18150 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Nov 1999   (17291 bytes)
Source: xsnow-1.40.src.tar.gz:   04 May 2000   (58346 bytes)

xv with png support package

XV image viewer, converter, & simple editor, with PNG support. By John Bradley. Unlike other packages here, xv 3.0 or greater, requires a license for commercial use. See

Intel:   23 Apr 2000   (1254521 bytes)
SPARC:   05 Nov 1999   (1308619 bytes)
Source: xv-3.10a-png.src.tar.gz:   23 Apr 2000   (3639894 bytes)

x86info package

x86info--display x86info information for x86-based systems (AMD, Intel, etc.). By Dave Jones. See See also package cpuid.

Intel:   19 Dec 2008   (74117 bytes)
Intel:   19 Dec 2008   (72779 bytes)
Source: DRYDOGx86info-1.23.src.tar.gz:   19 Dec 2008   (80291 bytes)

For a FTP directory listing of all packages and files described here, see

Downloading and Installing Packages

Carefully follow the download—puncompress—install steps below:

Download When downloading a file, make sure you are saving in binary (not text) mode. Check that the filesize matches the size listed above after downloading.

Uncompress First unzip the package file. This creates a file without the .zip extension. This is a package "datastream" file, which is suitable for installation by pkgadd. For example,

Note: If you are running an old version of Solaris (2.5.1 or earlier), you may not have unzip. Download unzip for Solaris from here for SPARC or here for Intel/x86. Rename the unzip program as "unzip" and make it executable:
chmod +x unzip

Install Become root (login or su -). Change to the directory containing the package. Use /usr/sbin/pkgadd to install packages after they are uncompressed. For example,
pkgadd -d fortune-off-5.2-i86pc-solaris5.7

Use "pkginfo -l to verify the package is isntalled. For example, pkginfo -l fortune The files you installed from the package are listed at the end of file /var/sadm/install/contents to list information about the pac

Problems? If you have problems, see Steven Christensen's excellent Download and Installation Instructions and Package FAQ.

If you want to ask a question go to the Solaris On Intel mailing list or alt.solaris.x86 USENET newsgroup for Intel/x86 problems or comp.unix.solaris USENET newsgroup for Solaris (Sparc or Intel) problems.


Access to and use of this software is subject to the following terms and conditions:

This software is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The software comes from many varied sources, and, has not been tested or examined. Therefore, THE PACKAGER ASSUMES *NO* RESPONSIBILITY FOR ERRORS OR OMISSIONS, OR FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN, even if they result from negligence or errors on the part of the author.


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